Josephine Callaghan, Summercamp, 2018. Photo by Rosie Lonsdale

Josephine Callaghan
Summercamp – Unveiling


Closing Event – with unveiling at sunset 21.09

Summercamp is the communal production of a sculpture kiln that will be fired on the closing evening of Whitstable Biennale 2018. It draws from Josephine Callaghan’s ongoing research into reduction processes, self-firing structures and public firings. The event expands on a series of outdoor firing experiments, where a kiln is felt as a stage of collectivity connecting body and landscape.

The making of the kiln is a shared endeavour that is led by the artist, with an extended network of ceramic and arts practitioners and Whitstable based groups. The production will temporarily occupy a plot on Whitstable’s beach, a camp to work with clay to build an experimental sculpture kiln in situ over the weeks leading up to the firing.

The firing itself starts in the early hours of the Sunday morning, with the heat building up over the day.

Join us at sunset at 21.09 for its finale, and to mark the close of the 2018 Biennale.

Thanks to the artists Tom Barnett and Sarah Cameron whose support has greatly enabled this project, as well as to all who have contributed to the kiln.

Josephine Callaghan