Every Thought There Ever Was Lindsay Seers. Client: Focal Point Gallery, Southend

Every Thought There Ever Was Lindsay Seers. Client: Focal Point Gallery, Southend

Artist Professional Development Programme
Southend Trip with Lindsay Seers

Saturday 8 December 2018

Click here to book your place on the coach (£5 from Canterbury or Gravesend) 
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To launch our Artist Development Programme we are taking a trip to Southend to visit Chalkwell Hall and Focal Point Gallery with artist Lindsay Seers.

We will start the day at Chalkwell Hall where METAL Southend is based along with The Other MA. TOMA is an alternative art education model begun in Southend in 2014 in response to the barriers faced by some artists in accessing many traditional MA programmes, and designed to fit the everyday lives of contemporary artists. At Chalkwell Hall we will join a crit with the current TOMA cohort, a chance to get to see their work in development and to exchange ideas around practice.

After lunch artist Lindsay Seers will lead a tour of her exhibition Every Thought There Ever Was at Focal Point Gallery. Drawing on philosophical ideas and scientific research, the exhibition considers historical representations of schizophrenia and contemporary insights into the condition achieved through the use of virtual reality. Through digital animation, special effects, drawing and sound design, Every Thought There Ever Was explores the extraordinary brain functioning that occurs in the condition of schizophrenia.

Lindsay Seers showed work with Whitstable Biennale in 2016 as part of Stories in the Dark: Contemporary Responses to the Magic Lantern (curated by Ben Judd). She is based on the Isle of Sheppey.

We will finish the day with a conversation with Focal Point Gallery Interim Director Hayley Dixon about working with local authority run art spaces and their forthcoming plans.

This opportunity is open to all artists living in Kent.

The day is free of charge but we ask for £5 to go towards the cost of the coach, which will also take us between locations in Southend.

There will be two pick up / drop off points for the coach: Canterbury West Station and Gravesend Station. Please get in touch with sophie@whitstablebiennale.com if you want to make your own way to Southend.

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Full itinerary for the day:
9.30am Coach pick up at Canterbury West Station
10.30am Coach pick up at Gravesend Station
11.30am arrive at Chalkwell Hall
12 – 12.30pm Introduction to The Other MA (TOMA)
12.30 – 2.30pm Join a crit with TOMA artists
2.30pm Coach will take us to Southend
2.30pm – 3.30pm Lunch break
3.30pm Meet back together at Focal Point Gallery
3.30pm – 4.30pm Follow a tour of her exhibition with Lindsay Seers followed by a talk from FPG Director Hayley Dixon
4.30pm Coach pick up from FPG
5.30pm Drop off at Gravesend Station
6.30pm Drop off at Canterbury West Station


If you have accessibility queries regarding the coach, venues or other aspects of the daytrip please contact sophie@whitstablebiennale.com.

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