Kihlberg & Henry, Slow Violence, 2018. Image courtesy of the artists

Kihlberg & Henry
Slow Violence


This work contains strong verbal sexual references.

At the centre of Kihlberg & Henry’s installation is a film, which begins with a photographic slideshow and morphs into a fantastical audiovisual journey inside a 35mm slide projector.

In the film, the slideshow is activated by four youths. What follows moves between a lecture, an exhibition, the delivery of a manifesto, and an epic poem, as one of the youths attempts to describe ‘slow violence’ – a process in which violent environmental changes take place, unnoticed due to the subtle way in which they are being made.

As it cycles through images of urban regeneration and decay, the projector becomes a protagonist in its own right, forcing its imagery on the group. Thus, the work presents its own form of slow violence, which is expanded through a series of posters which are shown both in the installation and in a variety of locations around the town.

The work is approx 25 minutes long on a loop. Visit at any point during opening times.

Thanks to Arts Council England Grants for the Arts, and the Elephant Trust.

Kihlberg & Henry