Daniella Valz Gen, Sentient Value Systems, 2018. Photo: Rosie Lonsdale

Daniella Valz Gen
Sentient Value Systems

Sunday 3 June 2018


How can writing help us reflect on value? How can the process of articulating the value of the immaterial (experiences, emotions, affections, affects, interactions) revitalise our capacity for solidarity and collective agency? In this writing workshop we will explore ways of writing that reflect on notions of value, both financial and experiential. We will reflect on what currency and trade could mean by imagining and subverting value systems. ‘Only an act of language escaping the technical automatisms of financial capitalism will make possible the emergence of a new life form’
(from The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance by Franco Biffo Berardi).

For ages 16+ no writing experience necessary.

Book here via Eventbrite, or email info@whitstablebiennale.comĀ