Patrick Cole, Diving, 2016. Courtesy of the artist and The Glue Factory, Glasgow

Patrick Cole


Restaurant is a new, live performance by Patrick Cole. The event takes place within a fictional eatery constructed within the walls of Whitstable’s Labour Club. Cole will draw on the iconography of a restaurant to create a large-scale immersive set and scripted performance.

Visitors are invited to take a seat for thirty minutes within what looks like a dilapidated and neglected restaurant. The setting is peppered with clichés — the incompetent waiter, the rude chef, inedible food — interpreted through short vignettes that satirise the lives of a fictional public. Cole uses his own personal experiences and relationships, layered with fiction, to deal with ideas of isolation, loneliness and anxiety. Humour and movement help create a cathartic experience.

This performance is repeated, please arrive at 14:00 or 17:00 for the start.

Patrick Cole