Rachel Reupke, Letter Of Complaint, [performance documentation,] 2014. Image: Bernard G. Mills

Rachel Reupke
Letter of Complaint


Rachel Reupke works primarily with the moving image. Recent videos deal with the idea of worry – worry about health, money, social status, relationships etc. She is interested in the exploitation of worry for marketing purposes and how it is represented within the context of commercial image production. She is also interested in the difference between an explicit illustration of a worry and the counterpart depiction of a fantasy life without that worry.

Reupke will be staging a performance comprised of three tableau vivant, performed in order, with a brief interval between each. Each pose will be held for ten minutes, allowing the audience time to scrutinise the scene down to its finest detail, while the intervals allow for ellipses in narrative and the passage of time. The live narrative will play upon the bitter and neurotic voice, drawing from her research of complaint letters – both real and sample legal letters. Known predominantly as a filmmaker, this will be Reupke’s first live performance work. The performance will continue to explore subjects present in her films, namely, the nature and performance of relationships, as seen through the eyes of a neutral witness or third party. However, the elements of social pressure, the awareness of being watched, nerves and paralysis will be further amplified with the addition of a live audience.

The performance will be approx one hour.

Rachel Reupke