Nina Radio Tapes + Ice Cream Mafia at Radio Margate, 22 March 2019. Photo: M de Pulford

Nina Radio Tapes + Ice Cream Mafia at Radio Margate, 22 March 2019. Photo: M de Pulford

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Jerwood WB Artist Attachments

2020 – 2021

Whitstable Biennale are delighted to have been selected to be part of the Jerwood Arts Development Programme Fund.

We will be offering three Jerwood WB Artist Attachments which will provide paid time and support over a year for three early-career artists.

This is a significant opportunity for three artists to develop their practice, exploring new ideas and taking the risks that have the potential to transform practice and career. It is aimed at artists who are a critical early point in their career and priority will be given to artists who are currently under-supported across the contemporary visual art sector and face real barriers to accessing opportunities.

Each artist will receive a fee of £8,000 plus materials and travel, and the tailor-made programme will include mentoring and peer support.

The Jerwood WB Artist Attachments will run from April 2020 to March 2021, and the three artists will have the opportunity to showcase their ideas and/or new work at our next Whitstable Biennale festival in June 2021.

Please find the application information, and the application form (and equality and diversity monitoring form) below. If you require the forms in an alternative format, please contact

The final date for submissions is 6 March 2020. Access support will be given. Sign up to Whitstable Biennale’s mailing list to receive information by email.

See for more information on Jerwood Arts, including further information on the Development Programme Fund and other opportunities for artists.


Application information (.doc)

Application form – download either the electronic or print versions:
Electronic / Accessible Version (to be returned by email) (.doc)
Print Version (to be returned by post) (.doc)

Equality & diversity monitoring form (.doc)

Deadline for submissions: 6 March 2020.