I Can't Live On Vitriol Alone! 2011. Photo: Alex Goodman

I Can’t Live On Vitriol Alone! 2011. Photo: Alex Goodman

Cecilia Wee
I can’t live on vitriol alone!

Saturday 24 September – Saturday 1 October 2011

Project participants: Cyril Lepetit, Jesse Darling, Alex Goodman, Silvio Palladino, Mariela Nestora, Kiran Kaur Brar, Lara Thoms

I Can’t Live on Vitriol Alone! was a workshop that explored the conditions and possibilities for art that enacts social change, through three days of thinking and dialogue in London and Rural Kent.

In the ‘current climate’ where the very need, impact and agency of creative action is being undermined, it is easy to become distracted, disregarding what we need to flourish, only seeking the basics for survival.

This workshop aimed to provide a critical yet supportive environment in which participants consider and experiment with positive and pro-active approaches to art’s participation in current social conditions.

Drawing from aspects of action research, the project invited individuals to become part of a learning group who wished to orient their practice towards further engagement with social, political, economic and environmental issues through critical affirmative activities. This centred around small-scale action research projects, reflected on by the individual participants and the group, testing how these ideas can be carried on outside the hermetic workshop context.

Predicated on the potential that several minds working with similar concerns can come together to create something that is more than the sum of the individuals, this workshop encouraged participants to bring hope, playfulness and open-mindedness to oppose the assumption that art-political critique is doomed to appropriation by a spectacular media discourse.

The workshop took place on:

Saturday 24 September, 2011 (10.30am-18:00) in central London
Friday 30 September – Saturday 1 October: Two days staying overnight in Kent

Read more about the workshop in the DIY 8 Report, published on LADA’s website. Pages 59 – 65.

DIY 8 is a Live Art Development Agency initiative developed in collaboration with Artsadmin (national), Fierce (West Midlands), LANWest (North West), Live at LICA/Nuffield Theatre (North West), PLATFORM (national), Text Festival (North West), Whitstable Biennale (South East), and Yorkshire Sculpture Park (Yorkshire).