Alice Theobald, I Said Yes Now That's It, 2014, Chisenhale Gallery, London. Courtesy of and © the artist. Photograph: Mark Blower

Alice Theobald
Give Chance a Chance


Due to unforeseen circumstances, this performance is no longer taking place.

A live performance staged on the artificial greens of the Oyster Indoor Bowls Club, Give Chance a Chance plays with the constraints and the unique quality of the venue: a social space, a place of regular interaction, of ritual and of leisure. These themes will be mirrored in the script, spoken by two choirs congregated on the greens.

Give Chance a Chance consists of a new musical score and script. Responding to the notoriously difficult acoustics of the bowling green, an intimate dialogue will be performed and amplified by the two local choirs. With each choir standing in for a character, the performance explores ideas of collective empathy, cliche and the commodification of emotions.

Alice Theobald