GenZ, 2019. Photo by Jane Packham

GenZ, 2019. Photo by Jane Packham

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Ania Bas

October 2018 – April 2020

The Gr@nd Healthy Living Centre

Dates of future group sessions:
Monday 22 July: Summer trip to London (Somerset House and Dazed HQ)
Monday, 23 September, 4-6pm

Monday, 30 September, 4-6pm
Monday, 21 October, 4-6pm
Monday, 28 October, 4-6pm
Monday, 4 November, 4-6pm
Monday, 25 November, 4-6pm
Monday, 2 December, 4-6pm
Monday, 9 December, 4-6pm

(More to follow)

Whose lives are ‘lifestyle’ magazines about?
Are they records of the now or manifestos for our future?
Who gets to tell the stories about who they are and where they live, what language do they use and whose image do they represent?
What is it actually like growing up in ‘the armpit’ of Kent right now?

From October 2018 artist Ania Bas is working in collaboration with young people at The Gr@nd Healthy Living Centre in Gravesend to co-create a new lifestyle magazine. The magazine will be led and created entirely by people aged 16 to 25 showcasing their writing, photography and illustrations: exploring their interests, hopes, fears and plans for the future. It will include local gossip, fashion and music, unknown histories and new developments in the area. Over two years the group will work on every aspect of the magazine from content, to design and production, deciding how and where to distribute it.

The group have named their project GenZ and are producing mini-publications of ideas towards the magazine. These are collected here, in our online Journal. Part one, edited by Maria, explores Fashion. Part two, on Mental Health, was edited by Fabienne.

If you want to be a part of imagining and co-producing what a new kind of lifestyle magazine could look and feel like, with other people your age – join the sessions every other Monday between 4-6pm. In the sessions you will learn how to interview people, edit your text and layout images, what goes into high quality print and how to get people to read it. There will be an additional evening once a month with a specially invited industry professional to talk to you about their work and consult on the publication: who is invited is up to you. Open to anyone living in Gravesend and the surrounding area aged 16 to 25, no experience necessary, all abilities welcome.

If you have access requirements or need support with travel money to reach us – please let us know when you register your interest.

Address of the Gr@nd:
26 King Street
DA12 2DU

To register your interest email:

Supported by the Colyer-Fergusson Charitable Trust


Colyer-Fergusson Charitable Trust Logo The Gr@nd logo, black

Past Session Dates

4, 11, 18, 25 October 2018
1, 8, 15, 22, 29 November 2018
6, 13, 20 December 2018
Thursday 24 January, 4-6pm – Catch up on the project so far and plan for the new few months
Monday 11 Feb, 4-6pm – Come to make content for The Armpit magazine
Tuesday 19 Feb, all day – Trip to London to visit OOMK & Rabbits Road Press(email the Gr@nd to book a place)
Monday 4 March, 4-6pm – Come to make content for The Armpit magazine
Monday 18 March, 4-6pm – Come to make content for GenZ magazine
Monday 1 April, 4-6pm – Come to make content for GenZ magazine
Monday 29 April, 4-6pm – Come to make content for GenZ magazine
Monday 13 May, 4-6pm – Come to make content for GenZ magazine
Monday 3 June, 4-6pm
Monday 17 June, 4-6pm
Monday 1 July, 4-6pm
Monday 15 July, 4-6pm

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