Open School East Associates 2018
Contemporary Exorcism


This is a night of performing.
This is a collective voice.
This is a dialogue.
This is bad singing.
This is a hotline.
This is not a pop song.
This is unprofessionalism.
This is extremely professional.
This is a mirror.
This is speculative.
This is a live score.
This is a masque.
This is a choir.
This is not a meeting.
This is an intervention.
This is a chance to meet.
This is a seduction.

This is a number that you can use: 07497 761190. What’s that sound? Is that contemporary exorcism? This is an invitation from Open School East Associates 2018.

Open School East Associates are:
Ian Bride, Coral Brookes, Katie Fiore, Rosa Irwin Clark, Una Hamilton Helle, Sarah Karen, Antonia Luxem, Megan Metcalf, Dipesh Pandya, Lizzie Rose, Elinor Stanley, Tom Verity, Anna Wachsmuth, Louise Webb and Melanie Wheeler.

Elinor Stanley

Katie Fiore

Elinor Stanley 

Open School East Associates 2018