Margareta Kern, Are You Ready? 2018. Photo: Rosie Lonsdale

Margareta Kern
Are You Ready?


What does the world of high frequency trading have in common with a sandy beach in Cornwall and the village of Richborough in Kent? In this performance-lecture Margareta Kern uses telegraphic maps, corporate archives, nautical charts, sea monsters, planning applications, and wireless frequencies to trace resonances between the imperial ventures that laid the network of undersea cables and the secretive networks enabling the high speed movement of capital freely across increasingly entrenched borders.

Are You Ready? is a speculative meditation on the militarisation of the ocean and a search for the resistant algearithm pulsating under the surface of our vision. The world’s first known wireless communication sent over the open sea in 1897 asked ‘are you ready?’

This event is repeated, please arrive for the start at 13:00 or 16:15.

Supported by Falmouth University and the Arts Council England Project Grant.



Margareta Kern