Rebekah Ubuntu (pictured) courtesy of Early Years and Family, Tate London (2018).

Rebekah Ubuntu (pictured) courtesy of Early Years and Family, Tate London (2018).

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Rebekah Ubuntu
Afrofuturism and Chill

September 2019

Please note that this workshop is fully booked.

An Afrofuturist quest to reunite and nourish our past, present and future selves.

Art, music, film, performance, theory and literature that incorporate elements of Black history and culture with futuristic and /or science fiction themes, has come to be described as Afrofuturism.  

This self-pampering workshop, devised and led by artist Rebekah Ubuntu, “seeks to focus on replenishing the self, the heart, the mind and the body. It aims to use Afrofuturist works, intersectional transfeminism and ideas around self-care as the basis for embodied research in a collective, inclusive, melanated, accessible space for  self-discovery, personal connection and exploration. This workshop is an act of subversion, defiance and rebellion: our gift to ourselves.”

Afrofuturism and Chill is part of DIY:16, a Live Art Development Agency Project. DIY is an opportunity for artists working in Live Art to conceive and run unusual training and professional development projects for other artists. 

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