Kris Lock & Josephine Sweeney, The Vase In The Container (production still), 2018. Image © and courtesy of the artists.

Rachael Squire
A World on the Move: Entrapped in the Container Economy


Associated with speed, efficiency, and frictionless mobility, the shipping container has undoubtedly revolutionised global trade and shipping practices. Yet, within this complex network of movement and flow, lie under-explored immobilities, frictions, and entrapments.

This talk will explore some of these contradictions – stretching from the bodies of seafarers to the bodies of those that have been trapped within containers to understand how we can better account for stasis and lived experience in an economic system that is relentlessly on the move.

This talk has been programmed by Kris Lock & Josephine Sweeney, to focus on some of the questions arising from their Biennale work, The Vase in the Container. Rachael Squire is a political geographer, with a particular interest in questions around territory, the elemental, the sub-marine and subterranean.

Please note this venue is upstairs, with no lift.

Rachael Squire