2018    Kieren Reed: Raising the Sittingbourne Barn

2018    Josephine Callaghan: Summercamp – Unveiling

2018    Hannah Lees: The Trees that Yield, dinner and talk

2018    Lindsay Anderson: Britannia Hospital

2018    Creaking Breeze Trio: Slack Fulcrum Twelfths (Green Vitriol)

2018    Jennifer Thatcher: Critics Tour with Jennifer Thatcher

2018    Lauren Holmes, Nicola Priest & Joe Hunt.: IO Arts, History and Disability: SEN Tour & Workshop

2018    Counterpoint Arts & Platforma: Counterpoint Arts: Refugee Week Discussion

2018    Jude Crilly: Prose Brut

2018    Hannah Lees: The Trees That Yield

2018    Filipa César: Spell Reel

2018    Margareta Kern: Are You Ready?

2018    Sarah Dobai & Tom McCarthy: Bees in a Hive of Glass

2018    Julie Bevan: Dot Kids Organic Sculpture Workshop

2018    Ellen Mara De Wachter: Critics Tour with Ellen Mara De Wachter

2018    Ash Walks: The Ash Walks #2: The Walking Reading Group

2018    Phoebe Cunningham: The Preacher of Whitstable

2018    Creaking Breeze Trio: Fictional Music, Experimental Composition and Performance

2018    Salma Ashraf: Chalta Hi Gaya

2018    Rebecca Lennon: NO ONE HAS A FACE TO LOOK AT US

2018    Georgia Gendall & Marine Environmental Group: also, also, also

2018    Phoebe Cunningham: I am one with the people

2018    Leigh Clarke: The Syrian

2018    Kris Lock & Josephine Sweeney: The Vase in the Container

2018    Open School East Associates 2018: Contemporary Exorcism

2018    Sandra Drew & panel: Celebrating Drew Gallery Projects Archive

2018    Keira Greene with Katye Coe and Tim Mitchell: motus lineae

2018    Rachael Squire: A World on the Move: Entrapped in the Container Economy

2018    Jude Crilly: Foraging Walk

2018    Muster Station: The House of Beautifully Earned Trust

2018    Sally O'Reilly & James M’Kay: I Hear Horses

2018    Webb-Ellis: A dotted line across the map

2018    Various: Artists’ Short Film programme 2018

2018    Frank Perry: The Swimmer

2018    Lindsay Anderson: O Lucky Man!

2018    Water Bodies: Water Bodies & Political Animal Reading Group: Critical Swimming

2018    Analogue Ensemble: Resisting Expectations

2018    Nantes School of Art: Elle Elle et Elle Aussi

2018    Sophie Chapman & Sue Jones: Swimming Home Reading Group

2018    Julie Bevan: Dot Kids Sound Art Workshop

2018    Sophie Chapman: Introduction to the Biennale

2018    Analogue Ensemble: Extending the Frame

2018    Lindsay Anderson: If…

2018    Daniella Valz Gen: Sentient Value Systems

2018    Water Bodies: Open Day at the Water Bodies School of Evolution #3: Drop-in tasters

2018    Water Bodies: Open Day at the Water Bodies School of Evolution #2: Lecture Performance

2018    Water Bodies: Open Day at the Water Bodies School of Evolution #1: Rise Tiding

2018    Andrew Kötting: Lek and the Dogs + Q&A

2018    Patrick Cole: Restaurant

2018    Caroline Bergvall: Conference (after Attar)

2018    Sophie Lee: amore tremor

2018    Julie Bevan: Dot Kids Slogan Art Workshop

2018    Thea Smith: Critics Tour with Thea Smith

2018    Rosie Carr: The Photocopier who fell in love with Me

2018    Deborah Levy: Swimming Home

2018    Deborah Levy: Swimming Home (reading)

2018    Marcus Leadley, David Rogers & Adrian Newton: The Sounding Shore: Coast to Coast

2018    Libita Clayton: sand-worm

2018    Bernice Donszelmann, Lucy Gunning & Helen Robertson: [these roarers]

2018    Kihlberg & Henry: Slow Violence

2018    Sarah Wood: Memory of the Future

2018    Florence Peake & Keira Greene: A Work-In-Conversation by Florence Peake, an Invitation and a Studio Visit with Keira Greene

2018    Various: Artist talks at the Horsebridge Centre

2018    Ash Walks: The Ash Walks #1: Hannah Lees

2018    Muster Station: The School of Beginnings

2018    Matthew Herbert: The Music

2017    John Berger: John Berger and film: A day of screenings

2017    Zoe Czavda Redo, Tuuli Malla & Xavier Velastin: Water Bodies

2017    Sarah Craske: Biological Hermeneutics

2016    Stephen Beasley, Manalo & White Architects: Imagine a window here

2016    Estuary 2016: Points of Departure

2016    Esther Collins: Stuff Happens Here

2016    Rachel Lichtenstein: Histories of the Hoo Peninsula

2016    Cinema: Unseen: the Lives of Looking

2016    Matthew Herbert: Hear What You Eat

2016    Talks, readings and conversations: David Herd: Through

2016    Talks, readings and conversations: Philip Hoare: The Sea Inside – in presentation and conversation

2016    Cinema: What Means Something

2016    Biennale Walking Tours: Skye Sherwin

2016    Webb-Ellis: Parlor Walls

2016    Cinema: Le Petit Nicolas (PG)

2016    Louisa Fairclough: CLOSED EYE VISION

2016    Cinema: Seafarers

2016    Cinema: Asylum

2016    Various: Grasscut and Oliver Coates in concert

2016    Lucy Pawlak: Lost Beat Officer

2016    Andrew Kötting: Salon: Sound

2016    Leslie Deere: Modern Conjuring for Amateurs

2016    Talks, readings and conversations: On the Edge: Ali Smith and Sarah Wood in conversation

2016    Biennale Walking Tours: Jennifer Thatcher

2016    Cinema: Concurrence

2016    Mikhail Karikis: Ain’t Got No Fear

2016    Sarah Wood: Boat People

2016    Trish Scott: Medium

2016    Talks, readings and conversations: David Seabrook: All the Devils Are Here – a celebration and reading of the entire work

2016    Talks, readings and conversations: Rebecca Solnit: The Faraway Nearby – a complete reading

2016    Cinema: Zarafa (PG)

2016    Cinema: Estate, a Reverie (12A)

2016    Talks, readings and conversations: Trish Scott and Ian Hocking: Mean, Mode, Medium

2016    Talks, readings and conversations: Afternoon tea with curators and artists

2016    Moyra Derby, Nicky Hamlyn, Conor Kelly, Joan Key & Jost Münster: {} Interval live install

2016    Cinema: Taskafa, Stories of the Street (PG)

2016    Weekday Thematic Walks: Foodie Tour with Emma Wilcox

2016    Cinema: Dummy Jim (PG)

2016    Talks, readings and conversations: Olivia Laing and Brian Dillon in conversation

2016    Cinema: All This Can Happen

2016    Weekday Thematic Walks: Birdwalk with Andy Malone

2016    Moyra Derby, Nicky Hamlyn, Conor Kelly, Joan Key & Jost Münster: {} Interval

2016    Talks, readings and conversations: Student Days

2016    Alice Butler: Fan Letters of Love

2016    Cinema: All This Can Happen (with Q&A)

2016    Cinema: Stories in the Dark screening

2016    Talks, readings and conversations: Book Club of Book Clubs

2016    Cinema: Watermark (PG)

2016    Talks, readings and conversations: Rosa Ainley and Stephen Beasley: Answer on a postcard please

2016    Weekday Thematic Walks: Art Critic’s Tour with Oliver Basciano

2016    Cinema: Gifts

2016    Weekday Thematic Walks: Wild Walk

2016    David Herd & Anna Pincus: Refugee Tales: book launch (offsite)

2016    Cinema: I Could Read the Sky (15)

2016    Weekday Thematic Walks: History Tour with Kerry Mayo

2016    Practice Research Forum: STICKY THICK – Thinking through practice

2016    Cinema: Piercing Brightness (15)

2016    Weekday Thematic Walks: Smellwalk with Kate McLean

2016    Talks, readings and conversations: The Faraway Nearby Pub Quiz

2016    Alice Butler: Live Reading: Fan Letters of Love

2016    Talks, readings and conversations: Rose Wylie, Ben Rivers and Skye Sherwin in conversation

2016    Cinema: The Ghost Frequency

2016    Biennale Walking Tours: Alexandra White

2016    Jem Finer: 51º 30’ 44” N, 0º 0’ 38

2016    Cinema: Tales of the Night (PG)

2016    Tony Grisoni: In this World and Kingsland, introduced by Tony Grisoni

2016    Evan Ifekoya: A Score, A Groove, A Phantom: The Extended Play

2016    Cinema: Calais: the Last Border (12A)

2016    Richard Layzell: Softly Softly

2016    Andrew Kötting: Salon: Atmosphere

2016    Tessa Lynch: Green Belt

2016    Biennale Walking Tours: JJ Charlesworth

2016    Marcia Farquhar: The iScreamers

2016    Cinema: Counting (PG)

2016    Cinema: A Cat in Paris (PG)

2016    Louisa Martin: Lossy Ecology

2016    Marcia Farquhar: Rooty Tooty and Based on a true Story involving my Mother, myself, an unknown old Couple, a green Ice Cream and a Hedge

2016    Various: Artists’ Short Film Programme

2016    Silke Panse and Connal Parsley: Ethics, Art and Moving Images (offsite and streaming via this is tomorrow)

2016    Artist Walks: Janice Kerbel

2016    Artist Walks: Mike Nelson

2016    Ben Judd: Stories in the Dark – Contemporary Responses to the Magic Lantern

2016    Artist Walks: Ruth Ewan

2015    Out of the Ordinary Places: Beatmaking, Sampling & VJing Workshop

2015    Artist Walks: Goshka Macuga

Richard Wilson and Zatorski + Zatorski | Photo Bernard G Mills

2014    Richard Wilson and Zatorski + Zatorski: 51° 21’ 45″ N, 1° 01’ 13″ E Whitstable Sounding: Rockets and Blue lights (close at hand) to warn steam boats of shoal water

2014    Trifarious Projects: Foreign Agents: Jonathan P Watts in discussion with Paul Clinton, Clunie Reid & John Walter

2014    Margaret Salmon: Oyster

2014    S Mark Gubb: It all began with Richard Burton…

2014    Jeremy Millar: XDO XOL

John Walter Turn My Oyster Up | Photo credit Bernard G Mills

2014    John Walter: Turn My Oyster Up

2014    Laura Wilson: Black Top

2014    Rosa Ainley: Building 519, and other Pfizer Tales

2014    Ben Judd: Vast as the Dark of Night and as the Light of Day

2014    Katrina Palmer: Did Anyone Read the Book?

2014    Louisa Fairclough: Absolute Pitch

2014    Louisa Martin: The Lighthouse: Scenes 1 and 2

2014    Kieren Reed: From the Ground up, (A) Social Building

2014    Abigail Hunt: Limited Edition artwork for children

2014    Collaborative Research Group: CRG @ The HQ

2014    Mark Aerial Waller: Welcome to the Association Area

2014    Force Majeure: SUM PLACES: In the real world, we’ve been active

2014    Laura Wilson: Black Top talk

2014    Emily Guille-Marrett & Margaret Salmon: Flip-book workshop

2014    Student Film Open Call: Biennale Open Call film artists

2014    Jeremy Millar, Rachel Lichtenstein: Estuary Talk

2014    Una Knox: Arising where two surfaces border each other

2014    Bronwen Buckeridge: The Sorrowful and Immaculate Fall of One Hundred Grazing Sheep

2014    Neil Henderson: Tidal Island

2014    Colin Priest: The Dance of the Neptune Plant

2014    Susannah Hewlett: Chris Titmas’s Whitstable Mini Break

2014    Max Leonard Hitchings: WW

2014    Mark Aerial Waller: Conversation Event

2014    Hannah Lees: Everything That Happens Simply Happens

2014    Rachel Reupke: Letter of Complaint

2014    The ARKA Group: Beginnings

2014    Louisa Fairclough: Compositions for a Low Tide Performed by Rochester Cathedral choristers

2014    Samuel Levack and Jennifer Lewandowski: Das Hund & the Pilgrim Shells

2014    Fiona James: The Incident, A Diagram for Whitstable

2012    Iain Boal: Oysters and commoners

2012    Jesse Jones: Do we need a reality?

2012    Richard Layzell: Metropolis

2012    Benedict Drew: NOW, THING

2012    Possibility Archive: Wonder Point

2012    Chloe Cooper: Digital Dawn II: (THIS TIME IT’S RELATIONAL)

2012    Aaron Williamson: Garnering

2012    Performance Klub Fiskulturnik: Yugo Yoga on Whitstable Beach

2012    Angus H Braithwaite: The sea is in my veins

2012    Cara Tolmie: Aggregation, swell units

2012    Patrick Staff: A factory as it might be

2012    Phil Coy: Krapp’s Shultz

2012    Tim Spooner: The Telescope

2012    Daniel Oliver: Weird Séance

2012    Tessa Lynch: Better Times

2012    Jeremy Deller: Sacrilege

2012    John Smith: Soft work

2012    Oliver Beer: A philosophy of education

2012    Laura Wilson: Brick project lecture

2012    Tim Bromage: This alley used to be enormous on me

2012    Emma Bennett: Slideshow Birdshow

2012    Jenny Moore: The Succulents and Other Stories, or Life/Work Balance

2012    Sam Hasler: Untitled

2012    Jesse Jones: The selfish act of community

2012    Internet (Siân Robinson Davies & Diego Chamy): Acting

2012    Tanya Axford: The Path Made by a Boat in Sound (3 down)

2012    Emma Hart: Monument to the unsaved #2 (M20 death drives)

2012    Gareth Moore: Children’s films

2012    BJ Nilsen and Jon Wozencroft: The Whitstable Symphony

2012    Jeremy Millar: Speak nearby

2012    The Island: A factory cinema

2012    The Island: Stages in the revolution

2012    Kieren Reed: Social Sculpture

2012    Uddin and Elsey: Bureau de change sociale

2012    Martin John Callanan: Wars during my lifetime

2012    Tom Gidley: Hollow moon

2012    Alex Pearl: Ghosts / Call

2010    Karen Christopher: Thinking space: writing in public

2010    Angus H Braithwaite: Failures of aviation

2010    Richard Layzell: Assisted Power

2010    Richard Birkett: Words don’t come easy

2010    Brian Dillon: UR-NOW: The Ruins of the Contemporary

2010    Katie Paterson: Every Night About This Time

2010    Kieren Reed: Biennale Headquarters

2010    Lucienne Cole: 67 Made in Heaven

2010    Mikhail Karikis: XENON

2010    Phil Coy: Facade

2010    Rebecca Bligh: The Courtenay Bubble or To Kick a Sick Lion

2010    Lottie Child: Street Training

2010    Anna Lucas: Things that had stories rubbed out

2010    Adam Chodzko: Ghost, Echo and The Pickers

2010    Annika Ström: Bench for the bored in Whitstable

2010    Augusto Corrieri: The Lasting Image

2010    Ian Giles: Heat Feet

2010    Emma Hart: Emma Hart Projects the Future

2010    Jo Addison: Untitled

2008    Sarah Turner: Ecology

2008    Clio Barnard: Plotlands

2008    Ruth Beale and Karen Mirza: The Voyage of Nonsuch

2008    Frog Morris: The Unwrong Pub Quiz

2008    Katy Richardson: Summer holiday extreme – packing-up

2008    Frog Morris: Seaside Cabaret

2008    Lee Campbell: Rise & fall

2008    Kim Noble: Considerations for an island race

2008    Charlotte Young: Whitstable Tourist Board- Whitstable: A Unique Art History

2008    Das SCHIMMEL: Herman Rarebell’s steps to SCHIMMELhood

2008    Charlie Tweed: The man from above

2008    Sandra Pearson: Fully present

2008    Mark Butcher: Instructions for a scene

2008    Chris Yates & Kevin Pawsey: Fleet: ice cream orchestra

2008    Robin Deacon: Approximating the art of Stuart Sherman (without the spectacle)

2008    Roz Hilton: Growing-poems

2008    Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich: Celestial radio, a visionary journey 87.7FM

2008    Siân Robinson Davies: Scale the mountain to view the plain

2008    Various: Performance on film

2008    Natasha Vicars: Telling cards

2008    Beatty Hallas: Let the games begin

2008    Alex Schady: Isolated incidents

2008    Various: 30 books & Talking back

2008    Jananne Al-Ani: The Guide and Flock

2008    Sally O'Reilly & Mel Brimfield: What Whitstable

2008    Ryan Gander: As it Presents Itself – Somewhere Vague

2008    Serena Korda: The Library of Secrets

2008    Nick Crowe: The Drowning of Tuvalu

2008    Mike Chavez-Dawson: The Mind Projected Cinema (what you see is what you think and what you think is what you see) Part 1

2008    Oreet Ashery: The Saints of Whitstable

2006    Peter Fillingham: Goodbye

2006    John Hegley: Performance

2006    Nathan Penlington: Speed Cabaret

2006    Paul Clark: Ear opener: Classical music, Wagner to DJ Spooky

2006    Matt Rudkin: Naive dance

2006    Stacy Makishi & Simon Munnery: Art and comedy at the Smack Inn

2006    Sally O'Reilly & Mel Brimfield: Art & comedy symposium

2006    Adam Chodzko: Longshore drift, early Detroit techno and other processes of erosion

2006    Gary Stevens: Not Tony

2006    Ryan Gander: Loose associations

2006    Sally O'Reilly & Mel Brimfield: The mess tent performance programme

2006    Simon Faithfull: Escape vehicle no. 6

2006    Anna Best: Whitstable Herne Bay Dover Folkestone Rye Hastings Eastbourne Brighton Shoreham Worthing Littlehampton Chichester…

2006    Ian Saville: Socialist Magic

2006    William Hunt: Longshore drift in open C

2006    Helen Frik: Roving chronicler

2006    Matt Rudkin and Edwina Ashton: Collaboration

2006    Simon Faithfull: Lost

2006    Gary Stevens: Thought Bubble

2006    Estelle Jourd: Sorted

2006    Cullinan and Richards: Savage School Working Women’s Club Bar for the Shock Workers

Full archive coming soon