Colin Priest
The Dance of the Neptune Plant


Colin Priest’s multi-media works combine physical intervention, writing, film, curation and performance. He creates site-specific, interactive environmental experiences.

This new film takes as its inspiration the Neptune Plant, otherwise known as White Weed, Air Fern or Sea Fir. It is specific to the Kent coast and has been harvested for centuries by fishermen near the estuary and distributed at the harbour, a temporal cottage industry of cleaning, bunching and dying for sale inland, for aquariums. Fine in structure, the plant is in fact a species of marine animal – the dried skeletal colonies of hydroids. The film, which uses as its soundtrack selections from All in a Garden Green composed by romantic Kent-born John Jenkins in 1650 and performed by local cellist Matthew Roberts, presents this peculiar organism as an evanescent character, bridging animal and vegetal existence. Within the library there will also be a shelf of books selected by the artist related to the research.

The work is approx 12 minutes long on a loop. Visit at any point during opening times. Please note this venue is upstairs.

Colin Priest