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Mike Chavez-Dawson with one of his Rorschach drawings
Mike Chavez-Dawson with one of his Rorschach drawings

Mike Chavez-Dawson
The Mind Projected Cinema
(what you see is what you think and what you think is what you see) Part 1

Chavez-Dawson, image of Mind Projected Cinema

The Fishslab Gallery

Tuesday - Sunday 10:00 - 18:00 plus special performances.

Mike Chavez-Dawson is an interdisciplinary artist and his work over the last nine years has employed a company of alter egos. His work explores systems of belief and the relationship of fiction to non-fiction. Art for Chavez-Dawson is an ‘Oxymoronic Dilemma’ whereby he seeks to unravel the myth of the artist’s vision against the potential perception of the audience's reading.

For The Mind Projected Cinema, Chavez-Dawson will be creating a temporary cinema inspired environment. The cinema won't be showing films, but will be asking audiences to collaborate with the artist in a series of unique performances.

The performances will combine the skills of a local hypnotist and the artist's own ability to visualise an entire film from memory. Participants will be asked to take part in the 'mind projections', summoning up films that Peter Cushing starred in including Star Wars, She, Dr Who and the Daleks and The Curse of Dracula.

The mind projection performances will be filmed and shown in the space during the Whitstable Biennale. Each participant in the performances will receive an original Rorschach painting of their own name, made by the artist. There are two performances per day at 15:30-18:00 and 18:30-21:00 taking place on 21, 24, 25 and 27 June. Places are restricted to ten per sitting, to book a place contact mikechavezdawson@yahoo.com or contact the Festival HQ.

Mike Chavez-Dawson is based in Manchester. Recent exhibitions include Afterhours, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester; The Remarkable Apperception, The Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh; Trans-Informer, Various locations and Manky Bastards, The Fridge Gallery, Glasgow.