Whitstable Biennale 2006 Festival of Contemporary Visual Art
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Simon Faithfull: Lost

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Simon Faithfull created a sculpture in the form of a book called Lost, an inventory of objects lost over a period of 39 years. A simple but extensive inventory, LOST is a book that catalogues the objects and the strange stories of their individual departures. Around Whitstable - on benches, in pubs, by the shore and on public transport - a simple book with a plain cover bearing the word 'LOST' appeared for the first two weeks of June.

A bookshop version of LOST is now available. Email info@whitstablebiennale.com to place an order. The books are £9.99 each plus post and packing.

Simon Faithfull has shown widely. He currently has a touring exhibition based on work made during an Arts Council Fellowship to Antarctica, at Stills Gallery, Edinburgh; Cell, London and Parkers Box, New York. www.simonfaithfull.org

We will also be exhibiting Simon Faithfull's Escape Vehicle no.6, which was a live performance created for 'The Artists Airshow' at Farnborough Airfield in September 2004 - commissioned by The Arts Catalyst. Now presented as a video projection, Escape Vehicle no.6 records the journey of a domestic chair as it travels from the ground to the edge of space (30km up). Dangling in space beneath an unseen weather balloon, the footage shows the chair first rush away from the fields and roads, ascend through clouds and finally (against the curvature of the earth and the blackness of space) begin to disintegrate. The chair's journey was recorded using a small video camera that relayed the images live to an audience below. The chilling nature of the film is that the empty chair invites the audience to imagine taking a journey to an uninhabitable realm where it is impossible to breathe, the temperatureis minus 60 below and the sky now resembles the blackness of space.